MARIGOLD: Book One of the Elven Chronicles

A lonely thirteen-year-old girl struggles to make a life in a new country, and her closest friend is her horse. When Marigold rescues a boy being attacked by banshees in the forest, a hidden elven world is revealed, full of wonder, friends and first love, and she begins her magical journey. But, Marigold soon discovers an evil that threatens everything she has come to love. Hemlock, a wicked elf, and his banshees are controlling her father in a plot to destroy the real and magical worlds. Can Marigold, with the help of her new friends, defeat Hemlock and save her father in time?

Praise for MARIGOLD: Book One of the Elven Chronicles:

Winner, Children’s Fiction category, of the 2012 International Book Awards

“… a fantastical morality tale filled with vivid characters and action-packed adventures… strongly recommended.” – Apex Reviews

A fantasy for ages 7-12+

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BELLADONNA: Book Two of the Elven Chronicles

The adventures of Maggie and her friends continue in this thrilling sequel to MARIGOLD. Summer begins with a trip to London and a tour around Ireland. Joining the travelers is Belladonna, a mysterious, unfriendly young girl, who is frequently seen with a man resembling Maggie’s nemesis, Hemlock. Danger follows Maggie throughout the summer and even after her return to ElvenHome, whenever Belladonna is nearby. Could Belladonna be the cause of these events and what is her connection to Hemlock?

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